Thank you for considering online giving to Keystone!  We have tried to make the process as safe and as simple as possible.  Just follow the steps below and get started today.


1.  Click on the link below to get started with the secure Subsplash giving page set up for Keystone Fellowship:

          Subsplash Giving


2.  Enter the dollar amount that you would like to give.

3.  Choose the frequency of your giving- You can choose any amount to be given “One-Time”, “Weekly”, “Monthly”, “Bi-Weekly”, “Semi-Monthly”, “Quarterly”, or “Yearly”.

4.  If it is your first time to do online giving you will need to set up your account.  Follow the steps as you’re prompted.  This process is only a one-time account set-up, you will not be required to do this every time.

5.  Record your giving for your personal records.



Thank you for giving to Keystone Fellowship