A Note from Pastor Mark:

Jesus commissioned His disciples to take the Gospel to the world. Our mission statement at Keystone shows how we live that out.


If you are part of the Keystone family then this is where your heart lives. Connecting people to each other and to Jesus Christ! What an honor to do that with you. If you have been part of this family for a while then you know that one of the ways we connect people to each other and Jesus is to send people to plant churches.
I have been spending a lot of time praying about how we can send more people to more places.

Part of how we prepare to do this is we watch where people are coming from and we look at the types of leaders we have in our churches. I am always looking for people who are called to pastor churches.

In faith we began to pray and meet with the elders. Then we prayed with the elders. Then we went and prayed more. Then we prayed with the elders some more. You get the idea I hope—WE PRAYED ALL OVER THIS!
Here is what we heard.

-We believe that by faith we are to send a church north of our Montgomeryville location.

-We believe that by faith we know who is to pastor this new Keystone Church—Pastor Chris Cope.

Chris and I have known each other for over a decade and have become brothers in many ways. I am impressed with his passion to contend for the Gospel and his love for the people in the area to which he is being sent.

I hope that you are excited about this—I know that I am. I also hope that you will begin right now to pray for this new effort. Pray that we will see many who are lost get connected with Jesus Christ. Pray that we will see many who are looking for a church get connected with Keystone. Pray that we will see a movement of the Gospel in this area!

There is a cost to church planting and it isn’t only money. We will be sending people to this new church plant. People are our greatest resource. That is always difficult for the sending church. But I believe that when you live generously and give to the Gospel that God always returns. So let’s be generous in this endeavor knowing that by faith God will return it.

I am excited for Keystone and excited for Chris. I hope that you will join in my excitement and begin today to pray that we send well.

-Pastor Mark

Common Questions

Is this a Keystone church?

Yes! We will be a part of the Keystone family of churches and will collaborate to reach our community.

Pastor Mark and Keystone Fellowship in Montgomeryville will be our sending church and provide support as we launch Keystone North. We are inviting all who live in our targeted area who attend Keystone Fellowship to pray about being a part of Keystone North.


We believe that church is so much more than a Sunday gathering. The church is people who are on mission, connected, and accountable to one another. So, in that sense, Keystone North has already launched - through our ongoing community groups. We do have a potential target to launch public Sunday gatherings as early as the fall of 2022 dependent on certain benchmarks being met in the areas of discipleship, community groups, and community engagement.

Where will Keystone North meet?

We are continually praying, confident that God will reveal the space that He wants for us to meet for Sunday gatherings. However our primary focus is not where we meet on Sundays, but where we minister throughout the week. We are currently looking for host homes and meeting spaces to host Community Groups. 

Our primary ministry focus is those who live in Souderton, Harleysville, Franconia, Telford, Perkasie, and Sellersville.

Does this area need another church?

Yes, quite simply, we believe that Jesus is the hope of the world - He is the answer to the hurts and needs of all 110,000 people who live in the Keystone North community. Studies show that over 86,000 people in our community do not attend a christian church. Our goal is to partner with churches in our area to reach, love, and point these people toward Jesus.


What will the worship gatherings be like?

Overall our worship will be similar to what we currently experience at Keystone Montgomeryville, but all of our Keystone churches have flexibility to individualize the service structure as God leads. Our goal is to exalt God as we sing, pray, and open his word and that we would be changed as we experience His presence. 

For sermons, we will partner together for certain sermon series, but there will also be flexibility for each church to individualize their messages throughout the year.

Who will be preaching each week?

While Pastor Chris will be speaking most weeks, other pastors will help complete the teaching team.

Will there be kid’s classes and programs?

Yes! Once we launch Sunday services we will offer kids classes for birth through 5th grade. We will also partner with kids events at Keystone Montgomeryville for the foreseeable future.

What about students?

We are blessed to have a great student ministry at our Montgomeryville church! Similar to our kids ministry, we will partner to have a united student ministry for the foreseeable future. We still encourage students to attend Thursday Night Youth Group at The Warehouse.

What staff will be at Keystone North?

Chris Cope will serve as the lead/teaching pastor at Keystone North. We are praying and seeking God for the right people to fill other staff positions. We are fortunate to have a strong support system within the Keystone family that will help fill leadership needs as we get started.


Before getting involved, we encourage you to pray about being a part of Keystone North. We know that some will be called to stay and help continue the work that God is doing at Montgomeryville. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus has a purpose for every person. It’s our desire that each person live out their purpose through involvement in a community group, serving, and giving. We believe your best life is not found in just attending church, but by being part of a church.

You can also come serve as we minister to our community through various outreach events. We will also be hosting prayer gatherings as well as Vision Nights between now and our public service launch. Pray for friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to become followers of Jesus and invite them to join us.